Wednesday, April 23, 2014

here's how we did it

I really tried to keep the costs down with the remodel of the camp rooms. I feel like budget is my middle name lately :)  
I used a lot of decor I already had and visited thrift stores and garage sales for the extras I needed. Paint was really the biggest cost.
The first thing we had to do was prep and paint the chalkboard wall. I did some research online and found that the best way to do a chalkboard wall was to add joint compound first, this is only needed when you are going to paint a textured wall. Next we sanded the wall and then applied the chalkboard paint. 

Here's Matt helping me with the wall. He is so amazing and did so much to help get these rooms done. He never ceases to amaze me! 

Sanding the wall.

Now for my favorite part...the trees. This is an A frame building so the walls are slanted and it is impossible to hang anything on them. Adding the trees seemed like the perfect way to add character. 

We used frog tape which is a little pricier than blue painters tape but worth every penny. After I started the trees Matt wanted to give it a try. Well he ended up creating and taping most of them. I came through adding in the marks and paint. We did run out of frog tape on one wall so we just used what we had. 

Here is one of my favorite DIY projects. It was so cheap and easy and the end result was perfect. I think it's my favorite because lamps are so expensive but such a necessary element of design. 
My sis in law was getting rid of this lamp. I found the shade at a garage sale for $5.00. A little glossy white spray paint and here it is the new lamp...

Thanks for checking out our new rooms. If anyone is in need of a beautiful campground for your next event. Check out 


Monday, April 21, 2014

camp room reveal: first room is done

Ok here we go!! I can't tell you how over the moon excited I am with this room. This first room leads into the bridal suite and will be more of a multipurpose room for students when they are staying at the camp. 
My goal was for it to feel youthful and whimsical. Check out the before pictures if you haven't seen them already! 

Isn't this chalkboard wall the coolest?! This was a labor of love but worth every second. 

Walls are Sherwin Williams: mindful grey 
birch trees painted with leftover behr white paint. 
chalkboard wall was created using joint compound and chalkboard paint. 

Thanks so much for stopping by

Saturday, April 12, 2014

before and after

I have recently taken on a new job as wedding coordinator at Capital Mountain Camp. Capital Mountain occupies 40 acres of stunning scenery in the Sierra Nevada mountains. 

There are several multi-purpose rooms here at the camp and one in particular that would serve as a perfect bridal suite. These rooms were in need of a makeover so I went to work pinning, polyvoring and enlisted help from some amazing friends. 
The rooms have come a long way, they aren't done yet but very close. Before I show you the big reveal I wanted you to see the before. 

There were two rooms we made over to start with and the grooms suites will be next. 

The first room leads into the bridal suite and will be more of a multipurpose room for students when they are staying at the camp. 
My goal was for it to feel younger and whimsical.

Here is the first room! 

Here is the vision for the room, I created my board on polyvore (simplysmashingdesigns) 

Camp Room Makeover

Stay tuned for the big reveal!!